This page lists the different releases to the Computer Science Field Guide.

  • What Numbering System Do We Use?

    We base our numbering system from the guidelines at Semantic Versioning 2.0.0, however since our project started before it was migrated to GitHub, the first open source release is being labelled as 2.0.

    Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:

    • MAJOR version change when major text modifications are made (for example: new chapter, changing how a curriculum guide teaches a subject)
    • MINOR version change when new content or new functionality is added (for example: new videos, new activities)
    • PATCH version change when bug fixes are made (for example: fixing typos, errors in interactives)
    • A pre-release version is denoted by appending a hyphen and the alpha label followed by the patch version.

We have listed major changes for each release below.

Release date: 29th January 2016

  • Added Software Engineering curriculum guide 98e13bb
  • Added Formal Languages curriculum guide ad8441e
  • Added Complexity and Tractability curriculum guide d603f52
  • Added list of contributors f0c235e
  • Added text around Computer Graphics interactives 099fb86
  • Added releases page for versioning 055783f
  • Added version number to the footer 64f40ac
  • Added additional information panel colour 1148528
  • Add automatic pre-release warning if version number contains alpha 95a93a1

Release date: 25th January 2016

This release is archived here.

Release date: 2nd December 2015

Released at CS4HS 2015. Was superseded by 2.0.0-alpha.2.

Release date: 3rd February 2015

The last version of the CSFG before the open source version was adopted.

Currently viewable at

No older releases yet.